Flooring can play an essential part of any apartment when you consider the impact it has on the look, feel and functionality of your living space. Your lifestyle, needs and budget will certainly play a role in your decision-making, and your choice should be about balancing between your needs and style.

Color, texture and pattern will all come into play when creating a living space that is both a reflection of your personal aesthetics and inviting to your guests. No other floor coverings in today’s market offer as much decorating flexibility and options as area rugs and carpeting. Used properly both can help you define and separate areas within your apartment, with each area designated for a specific purpose. By defining areas in your living space, you will be able to establish the type of functionality in your apartment that is required to support your lifestyle, while creating an uncluttered appearance which, usually occurs within a small apartment. Working within large spaces you will be surprised to see how easy it is to create unique focal points throughout your apartment by use of either an area rug or carpeting.