Rug Care

Area Rug Care and Maintenance Guidelines

Purchasing an area rug could represent a significant investment and, like all quality home furnishings, proper care is required to maintain its beauty. With the correct care and maintenance you will extend the life of your area rug and assure many years of comfort and satisfaction. We recommend that you follow these care and maintenance guidelines in order to protect your area rug.

When placing an area rug on hard surface flooring such as hardwood, ceramic, tiles, parquet, and resilient vinyl, or on soft surface flooring, such as carpeting, we recommend that you purchase a pad to put beneath your area rug. This will keep your area rug from sliding, which can cause premature wear and potential risk of injury. Our Eco Stay™ and Eco Grip™ non-slip area rug pads are constructed of natural soy bean oil and polyester textile coated with polymer. These hand-washable pads keep your area rug in its place, protect your floor, help your area rug last longer and make vacuuming easier. Eco Stay™ and Eco Grip™ pads can be cut to fit any area rug rectangle size or special shape. Using padding of a lower standard or insufficient density will cause your area rug to wear prematurely.

In addition to proper padding it is important to rotate your area rug periodically. Over time, set traffic paths in your home and/or sunlight patterns can cause fading or uneven wear to an area rug that is not occasionally rotated.