Fort Lee, NJ – May 5, 2021 – Marking 95-years in business, Couristan is once again launching its annual Trend Report video which has become a hallmark in the area rug industry.

This time the identified trends are all about the company getting “Back to Basics”, breaking free while allowing nature to cleanse the end-users souls as we all rediscover our own wellness. The company invites viewers to take a journey with them to Colorado – a land of solidarity….where evergreens resiliently hold their color in winter’s cold grasp, and where each new snow fall generates a fresh beginning. This is where nature meets home.

The identified five key trends have inspired a full range of the company’s recent introductions, award-winning and innovative products. From the textured appearances within the company’s new Brocatelle and Couture Collections, to new designs offered in the company’s renowned Old World Classics   Collection, and the versatility offered within the industry’s “original” outdoor collection, Recife. This video invites viewers to come inside, or perhaps outside to experience the company’s annual trends as they aspire viewers to become inspired.

Traditionally Grounded

We begin our journey with our first trend; Traditionally Grounded. A look back at our ancestry, back to our roots… a rejuvenation of the rich ancestry of rug design. This trend breathes crisp air into traditional classics with rich reds, blacks and burgundies. Timeless patterns empower the legacy of rug fashion with classic modern twists, and invite the tradition of elegant freedom back into your living space as you rediscover inner most passions.

Color Palette: Picante, Jadeite, Black, Almond, Patriot Blue, Red Ochre, Burnt Henna, Antique Cream, Dusty Blue

Mountain Textures

As our trends evolve, a touch of modern is born. Mountain Textures creates a chic living environment and serenely blends natural colors with unique textures to give an extra dimension to any living space. Warm wood tones pop against natural greys, while global design motifs bring a cozy, homey feel of rustic tranquility. An inner wellness takes over as your senses are heightened in full indulgence.

Color Palette: Steel Grey, Wind Chime, Country Blue, Bamboo, High Rise, Lunar Rock, Brown Rice

Into the Wilderness

A trend that leaves the beaten path to roam deep into the untouched corners of the wilderness. All- performance, chic styling is ruggedly displayed with raw materials that resists the elements and are fashionably designed for entertaining in the great outdoors. With this trend, you aren’t just living on the land, but in rhythm with it.

Color Palette: Maple Sugar, Wind Chime, Paloma, Blanc de Blanc, Nine Iron, Grape Nectar, Blue Bonnet, Sepia

Water Views

Step outside to some of the most tranquil and endearing open air sitting spaces. This trend is all about what evokes those feelings of relaxed joy as you sit waterside. With a range of styles as diverse as pounding ocean waves or a bubbling mountain creek. This trend allows you to soak in bold lake front colors and blended textures. Like dipping your toes in cool water, it simultaneously conjures feelings of invigoration and calm.

Color Palette: Raffia, Bossa Nova, Camelia, Blue Surf, Riviera, Caviar, Silver Mink, Powder Blue, Dress Blue, Blue Surf, Picante, Turtle Dove, Snow White and Sterling Blue

Free Spirit

This is the time to explore your own decorating inspiration. Our Free Spirit trend embraces the carefree and isn’t afraid to break a few rules along the way. Fearlessly mixing patterns, textures, and styles to create a personalized and enchanting living space. Nature’s finest materials, warm earthy colors, and geometric contours create a bohemian living space that truly redefines originality.

 Color Palette: Maple Sugar, Wind Chime, Paloma, Blanc de Blanc, Nine Iron, Grape Nectar, Blue Bonnet, Sepia

About Couristan, Inc.,
Established by the Couri family in 1926, Couristan is the most trusted name in the floor covering industry, offering a vast assortment of exclusively designed power-loomed and handmade area rugs, as well as quality residential broadloom and custom contract carpeting. Couristan is also known throughout the industry as the pioneer in new construction and color techniques, which are used to create exquisitely, designed area rugs and residential broadloom products that are crafted from all over the world. Couristan products are available through department stores, home furnishings catalogs, specialty floor covering and furniture retail stores. Couristan’s global headquarters with full showroom is located in Fort Lee, New Jersey, at Two Executive Drive, 800.223.6186, or visit our website at

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