Brand: Creations™- Outdoor/Indoor Series

Pile: 100% Courtron™ Polypropylene

Weave: Structured Flatwoven

Width: 16'1"

About Mardi Gras

Festive, festive, festive! Designed to provide any space inside or outside the home with a fun and colorful foundation, Mardi Gras is all about providing you with the ability to self-express your decorating preferences. Featuring an enlarged modern Herringbone pattern that is embellished in a full spectrum of Caribbean-inspired hues, Mardi Gras’ flavorful appearance was designed to bring a festive feeling to any living space that was created for its entertainment values. This structured flatwoven carpet features a 100% UV stabilized, Courtron™ polypropylene surface, this synthetic fiber is perfect for decks, patios, sun rooms and interior settings that receive a good amount of natural light. Mold/mildew and water resistant, Mardi Gras is about fun, durability and versatility. Stocked in a 16’1” width for ease of installation, this Caribbean-inspired, modern herringbone carpet is filled with color and passion, making it the perfect foundation piece for those who love to express themselves with fun and festive aesthetics.

Fiber Benefits


Due to its manufacturing process, Courtron™ polypropylene is an extremely comfortable and strong synthetic fiber that resists wear and permanent stains and is resistant to fading and deterioration from chemicals, moisture and mildew. A value-oriented fiber, Courtron™ polypropylene can be easily cleaned and generates low levels of static electricity.

Color Information

Primary Color


Secondary Color

Mint, Natural, Ocean, White


This Product can be fabricated into a Custom Size Rug. Available Finishing Options include, Wool Machine Serging, Wool Hand Serging, Synthetic Serging, Chenille Bindings, Cotton Fabric Bindings, Linen Bindings, Courtron™ Polypropylene Bindings and Synthetic Binding.

Available applied Backing Options include, Non-Skid, Grey Felt, Outdoor Living Cushion, No Backing (Must Be Specified).

Please be sure to use our Custom Rug Calculator and Visualizer.

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