Fort Lee, NJ – January 5, 2023 – What has become a hallmark within the area rug industry, Couristan is set to launch its fourth edition of its popular series of Area Rug Trend Report videos. A product preview, marketing, social media initiative program that was established in 2018, the Trend Reports have quickly become a valuable resource for designers and key retail segments. Transcending previous videos, the company invites viewers to take another journey with them to a part of our country that truly depicts the five key trends that they have identified for the year ahead within the home furnishing and floor covering industries. Focusing on inclusion…individuality…history, the mainstay at Couristan, the company’s distinctive and undisturbed trends are carefully depicted within the great Northeastern part of our country – New England!

The identified five key trends have inspired a full range of the company’s recent introductions and innovative products. From the colorful and textured appearances within the company’s new Dreamscape and Siena Collections, to the traditional designs with a twist offered within Halli, Gypsy, and new Nostalgia Collection, to the versatility and durability found in Everhome™ and Naturalistic™, two of the latest collections now offered within the company’s award-winning outdoor/indoor assortment. Within these pockets of bliss found in New England’s vital and vibrant towns, the company centers lifestyle…and history…in every design.
Rustic and Raw

Is about simple comforts. Prairie life mixed with the warmth of a New England snowfall. This trend brings that sense of peace one can only find when holding a piping hot tea by a bustling fire. With a naturalistic color scheme, this trend creates an environment that speaks to your soul, unveiling relaxation and embodying a look of individuality. By using sustainable objects such as stone, wood, and other earthly, rustic elements, the company brings a sense of Earth to interior décor. Colors are subtle, yet bright and sunny. By using more neutral palettes and subtle textures, natural fibers combined with geometric and linear design elements the rawness of each area rug in this trend truly speaks of comfort and coziness.

Color Palette: Natural, Grey, Forest Green, Ivories, Denim, Onyx, Charcoal, Snow, Caramel, Brown, Cornflower, Musk

Dreaming in Colors

It’s that moment when you squint your eyes and see the tiniest shades of your favorite colors. Not overbearing, yet ever-present. This trend blends optimism with the abstract and texture. The Avant Guard with the subtle. With the use of watercolor and linear designs, this trend allows you to take a walk on the wilder side. But not too wild, as its dreaminess keeps things conservative. With a full range of colors in glorious representations, you will feel inspired. Dreaming in Colors harmonious schemes balance texture, brightness, and cleanliness with soothing accents. Happiness is everywhere. Joy is abundant. Bring that into your home.

Color Palette: Mocha, Sky, Grey, Ivory, Tawny, Blush, Gold, Pewter, Ebony

No Boundaries

Takes the simplistic nature of indoor living off the Cape and blends it with the luxury of the outdoors. Perfect for everyday use. Whether it’s a casual weekend picnic or an outdoor cook-out, this trend is sprawling, inviting and intimate. It’s a little bit of nature mixed with a little bit of indoor comforts, producing something that’s durable, sustainable, and luxurious. By blending sky blue tones with shades of cherry… taupes with grassy greens… No Boundaries brings together a flawless look that is truly one of a kind. Forest red-green florals, cool, onyx leaves, and palms of aqua make the possibilities with this trend never ending, so don’t hold yourself back. Florals, stripes, geometrics, animal prints, contemporary fashions and novelty motifs all come into play while this trend concentrates on a décor that truly has no boundaries.

 Color Palette: Ivory, Fern, Ruby, Aqua, Cape Blue, Onyx, Taupe, Sunlight, Azure, Sand, Purple, Pink

Grand Millennials

This trend gets it. You’re a millennial. It doesn’t want you to lose your spirit. Your personality. Your individuality. Grand Millennials finds beauty in everything that is different and unique. Traditional looks jumbled with a modern, Gypsy-vibe. Whether it’s stone-brick, or a bit of nostalgia with the use of a shade of denim or steel, this trend brings your home a crisp, unprocessed modern energy. You’re not your parents… and low-key… your living quarters should reflect that. This trend allows you to show off your individuality by mixing old elements such as floral prints, embroidered linens, and antique furniture with the freshness of the new…creating a space that is totally…and utterly…you.

Color Palette: Blush, Bluebell, Tan, Brown, Hunter Green, Gold, Burnt Orange, Sapphire, Denim, Steel and Lace, Multi

Modern Revival

 Modern Revival presents bold colors and earthy tones in dramatic and aesthetic focused designs. Shades of gold, amber and hues of scarlet…reminding everyone that you are a shining, fearless person. Dynamic patterns, with colors of blue-grey and eggshell, give your home a sense of cleanliness, functionality, and drama. Hints of steel bring a note of simplicity and subtleness so that it’s all about its homeowner. Touches of blue, pink, yellow, beige and anthracite are used to highlight materials that include earth-enriched metals and glass. The bold, yet chicness, of this trend captures the beauty of the moment and all its gorgeous hues to create a look that is both modern and rallying.

Color Palette: Blues, Silver, Gold, Steel, Anthracite, Eggshell, Oyster, Burnt Orange, Antique Lace

 About Couristan

Established by the Couri family in 1926, Couristan is the most trusted name in the floor covering industry, offering a vast assortment of exclusively designed power-loomed and handmade area rugs, as well as quality residential broadloom and custom contract carpeting. Couristan is also known throughout the industry as the pioneer in new construction and color techniques, which are used to create exquisitely, designed area rugs and residential broadloom products that are crafted from all over the world. Couristan products are available through department stores, home furnishings catalogs, specialty floor covering, furniture retail stores and major internet accounts. Couristan’s global headquarters with full showroom is located in Fort Lee, New Jersey, at Two Executive Drive. Call 800.223.6186, or visit our website at

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