Brand: Purity®

Pile: 100% Undyed Natural Wool

Weave: Hand-Loomed Flatweave

Width: 15'

Repeat: .50" W x .20" L (Straight Match)

About Camellia

A crisp, clean choice for today's casual-cozy spaces, Camellia provides a soft and inviting foundation for rooms where comfort and relaxation are key. This quality residential carpet showcases a textured loop pile that welcomes bare feet with its luxurious hand-loomed flatwoven appearance. Fashioned in one solid tone, with a choice of Fawn, Flax, Heather, Lace and Pepper, Camellia acts as the perfect neutral backdrop and can complement interiors of all styles, from classic to contemporary. Meeting high standards in environmentally-conscious design, Camellia is designated as a Purity Select product and is constructed using natural materials in its surface. Providing the ultimate in durability and eco-friendly appeal, this, soft flatwoven product is made with 100% undyed natural wool, which is a renewable resource that is also biodegradable. Because the wool is undyed, Camellia's surface contains no harsh chemicals and is considered a low VOC product which contributes to high indoor air quality. All of Couristan's Purity® carpets are hypo-allergenic as well as resistant to flames and water-based stains. Camellia is stocked in a 15' width which reduces installation seaming in rooms of most sizes.

Fiber Benefits

Eco-Smart Style – 100% Undyed Natural Wool

Awaken your style sensibility, revitalize the look of your home and renew the environment with Purity® by Couristan, a refreshing assortment of eco-friendly natural wool wall-to-wall carpeting.

Made With Renewable Resources
Purity Select carpets are made with sustainable materials, featuring a 100% pure wool surface and natural primary and secondary backings.

Low VOC Content
Wool is a natural air purifier and contributes to high indoor air quality. Please note Purity Select carpets contain some latex in their primary and secondary backings.

Natural Colors
Inspired by earthy tones, the Purity Select color palette is warm and neutral. Purity Select carpets feature an undyed wool surface, with no artifical color treatments.

Wool and other natural fibers used in the construction of Purity Select carpets break down organically at the end of their life-cycle and return vital nutrients to the soil.

Naturally Hypo-Allergenic
Wool is a non-allergenic fiber and does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites.

Stain Reistant/Flame Retardant
Wool is inherently resistant to water-based stains, reducing the need for chemical cleaning agents. Wool is also naturally flame retardant, providing a healthy dose of peace-of-mind.

Color Information

Primary Color



This Product can be fabricated into a Custom Size Rug. Available Finishing Options include, Wool Machine Serging, Wool Hand Serging, Synthetic Serging, Chenille Bindings, Cotton Fabric Bindings, Linen Bindings, Courtron™ Polypropylene Bindings and Synthetic Binding.

Available applied Backing Options include, Non-Skid, Grey Felt, Outdoor Living Cushion, No Backing (Must Be Specified).

Please be sure to use our Custom Rug Calculator and Visualizer.

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