Design Your Perfect Space: Discover the World of Custom Rugs with Couristan

Design Your Perfect Space with Couristan Custom Rugs 

When choosing a rug for your home or office space, it can feel limiting when designs are not available in your desired size, shape, or color. What happens when you find a pattern you love but it doesn’t come in the size you need, or you find the perfect dimensions, but the color isn’t quite right? This is where the power of made-to-order custom rugs comes in. Your space is unique, and your custom rug should reflect this. You can instantly transform a room or a staircase with a custom rug that has been hand-selected to complement the theme and aesthetic of your room. More and more people are discovering personalized custom rugs that can be created with the exact pattern, dimensions, and shape they desire. There are a few reasons that custom rugs are a trend on the rise. Firstly, custom rugs are a great way to add a personal touch to your space with colors, patterns, and curated designs that outfit a room to fit your unique style in the home or office. Secondly, interior design is an expanding industry that has inspired many to turn their own design visions into reality with many people investing in creating a designer space.

Thirdly, customizing your rug means selecting the exact size of rug you need for your space or runner for your staircase, meaning you will receive a perfectly-fitted rug that enhances the value and appearance of the room instantly. Plus, there is no wasted material or unsightly corners that don’t fit your room exactly. Lastly, with the increase in e-commerce, people all over the country can create custom rug orders online and work with experienced designers and contractors to ideate and then install their rug selection with precision. For these reasons, floor covering companies that offer expansive custom rug options in terms of color and shape and whose customer service meets the demands of their clients are more popular than ever before.

The process of creating your very own personalized rug begins by choosing the carpet design that you would like to fabricate into a rug. Floor covering companies offer a vast assortment of residential carpets that you can search by color, style, pattern, construction, and fiber. You will then personalize your rug’s shape, dimensions, type of backing and finishing to complete your order.

Style Trends for Custom Rugs

Elevate every room with a one-of-a-kind rug designed for your home or office. When it comes to interior design, there are often new trends that drive customers’ choices and inspire the look and feel of their home and office spaces. While classic and neutral colorways are always a safe choice, more consumers are opting for statement rugs that lead with color, abstract design, and geometric patterning that instantly elevates the mood of a room. Contemporary designs, like the fine art world, include abstract shapes and amorphous designs that inform the entire room design. Broad sweeping lines and a variety of color allows for a space to be curated in an array of styles. This means you can update furnishings, artwork, and accent pieces in the room continuously while maintaining your contemporary rug design. Bright colors can change the feel of a space and tie in accent colors beautifully for a bold yet sophisticated design.

People are also opting for custom rugs that suit their specific lifestyle needs, whether they have kids, pets, or high-traffic foot areas. One of the most popular lifestyle rugs people are choosing are those designed for the outdoors. This is a fantastic way to instantly elevate a patio, sunroom, or other al fresco spaces. Opting for a sleek outdoor rug also protects the material underneath from too much exposure to the elements, can withstand high foot traffic and debris better than those for indoors, and offers a soft comfortable underfoot for a more luxurious outdoor experience. Consumers can take a more natural approach by incorporating organic colors that complement the wildlife outdoors or go for a splash of color and animal pattern for a more contemporary look that livens up a space.

Create Your Own Custom Rug

With the option to personalize a carpet for your space, it’s obvious why more and more people are jumping on this trend. To create your personalized rug, you first need to select the room or staircase it will be going into. Dimensions are then taken to ensure the fit is precise. You will choose the carpet you want to fabricate into a custom rug, including the design, style, fiber, and construction based on the aesthetic and results you want to achieve. You will also want to consider the activity that will happen in the room and choose your material accordingly. For example, if it’s in the game room, consider a non-skid backing for your rug to ensure no one slips or trips on the material. If you’re selecting a dining room rug, consider a stain-resistant material that is easy to clean.

The final few decisions regarding finishing and backing options for your rug will make all the difference when it comes to your rug’s durability and aesthetic.

Finishing Options, Bindings and Serging

When it comes to custom rug design, you will be given the choice of the type of finishing option that you desire. Finishings complete the edge of a rug so that no fibers are hanging loose or poking out of the carpet’s edge. Options may include cotton fabric bindings, linen bindings, and synthetic serging, each offering a unique look and feel to the rug. Binding a carpet is when you apply stitching, fabric, or adhesive to the edges to ensure it won’t unravel or wear out with time. These options allow you to choose the color, fabric, and quality of the materials used to secure the carpet’s edge. Another option for your made-to-order rug is called serging. This is the technique where the edges of a carpet are wrapped with thread to prevent unraveling and give it a finished feel with added durability. Serging can also use different materials, depending on your desired look and design.

Backing Options on Custom Rugs for Different Environments

The final step that is most crucial when designing a personalized rug for your space is to select a carpet backing. This material chosen to be on the underside of the carpet solves a few common problems. It can protect ceramic and hardwood floors against scratches, eliminate curling edges of carpets, and provide extra comfort underfoot. There are a variety of backing selections to choose from depending on your space and lifestyle. If you are investing in a custom outdoor rug, consider ordering a weather-resistant backing that will help keep the rug in its place as well as minimize damage when exposed to water and other elements.

A non-skid backing is a fantastic option for indoor rugs to help keep them in place for those high foot traffic areas as well as felt backings that are standard for indoor rugs. See below for a list of backing options for your custom rug:

  • Non-skid backing
  • Felt backing
  • Outdoor living cushion
  • No backing

Couristan is Leading the Way in Custom Rugs

Transforming your custom rug vision into reality is a process of selection and support from rug experts. When you are ready to customize your made-to-order rug, it’s important to turn toward the leaders in the industry. For 98 years, Couristan has been creating exquisite area rugs and residential carpeting for their diversity of customers. With our extensive collection of 285 different carpet designs and/or collections, we cater to a wide variety of styles and desires, offering endless possibilities for your custom rug design. With an emphasis on the suitability of custom rugs for indoor and outdoor use, our unique backings and finishes offer options for every style of rug. From hand-serged wool to machine-serged polypropylene to chenille bindings, our finishes are luxurious and value-priced to cater to a variety of needs. In the Couristan tradition, each made-to-order rug is constructed with the finest materials and craftsmanship to ensure quality, durability, and lasting beauty.

Check out our Installation of the Month gallery featuring custom rugs in our customer’s homes across the country.

Our Top 5 Most Popular Custom Rugs

  1. Royalax II Blue Collection in Antelope-Ax/Blue

Animal patterns are among the top designs people seek to transform their space instantly. The Antelope-Ax/Blue design is a fierce statement carpet that can be personalized to outfit an entire room, a staircase, or be designed as an accent rug in any shape you desire. Designed in a fashionably-chic blue coloration, this carpet is an exotic take on the traditional. Crafted in a unique combination of 80% durable wool and 20% nylon that serves as a long-lasting foundation while still being incredibly soft. For added performance, the carpet utilizes Axminster cut-pile for a textured feel,  ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic.

  1. Caymus in Grey

The distinct character of this design will shine in your setting of choice thanks to its versatile cool and neutral color palette. The color grey is ideal for contemporary spaces that could use a cozy yet understated addition. The carpet’s classic chevron pattern is updated with a modern twist which will allow you to experiment in casual, minimalist, and modern interiors. Visually engaging Caymus will create a tactile appearance, one in which you can build an interior scheme around.

  1. Addington in Blue

People love Addington’s style for their personalized staircase carpet as it offers a luxurious and soft touch to any space. With a refined and masculine look, we recommend this as a chic alternative to a solid color, elevating a room to one of sophistication. The sensible two-toned design is embellished in a hand-loomed loop pile for added texture and is stocked 15’ wide for decorating flexibility. This design can accommodate most standard-sized rooms with minimal seaming.

  1. Emerald Lake  in Charcoal

Taking it outdoors, people are simply obsessed with the Emerald Lake design created specifically for outdoor areas exposed to the elements, pets, and high foot traffic. With a unique twist to the classic Chevron pattern, this woven Wilton flatweave carpet promises to elevate any entertainment area outside or inside the home. This design instantly transforms sunrooms, patios, and walkouts into a comfortable and peaceful setting. Stocked 13’2″ wide and created from 100% Courtron™ polypropylene, the transitional, geometric carpet is easily adaptable to several relaxed lifestyles.


  1. Black and White in Pure

The Black and White design is a perfect choice for a high-contrast look that demands to be seen. The modern, contemporary look is trending and this custom rug can be outfitted in any size space or staircase to elevate your interiors and impress your guests. With a monochromatic appeal, it is perfect for a residential room with a black-and-white motif or vibrant colors. It has been carefully crafted using face-to-face woven Wilton technique of 100% heat-set Courtron™ polypropylene to ensure its strong synthetic fibers can resist wear and permanent stains for those in higher traffic areas. This distinctly sophisticated carpet can be easily cleaned and is also resistant to moisture and mildew, so it withstands even the toughest conditions.

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